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1. Creative Visionary Consultation With Paul Busby
Embark on your landscaping journey with a complimentary initial consultation. This is your chance to meet and interact with Paul who will be your creative partner from inception to completion. During this exploratory conversation, we will delve into your needs, discuss our innovative approach, and outline the creative process. As every landscape project we undertake is bespoke and intricately detailed, we refrain from providing estimates at this stage. Our focus is entirely on understanding your vision and how we can bring it to life.




2. Innovative Artistry and Design

Paul Busby, lead designer, is the quintessential blend of creativity and expertise, with a broad knowledge base that informs his innovative approach. Paul will transform your initial concepts into a tangible vision, skillfully blending them with years of design acumen and construction proficiency. This creative synergy culminates in a detailed plan which is presented for your initial feedback. Typically, the journey from the visionary consultation to your first design meeting spans about 2-3 weeks, a testament to our commitment to thoroughness and excellence.


3. Refinement, Budgeting, and Tailoring

Embracing a collaborative approach, Paul will meticulously refine the initial design based on your feedback, kickstarting the pricing process. This symbiotic interaction enables us to present most proposals during the second design meeting itself. Upon reviewing the preliminary contract, the design remains flexible, allowing for further edits to ensure it aligns perfectly with your budget. Our goal is to create a masterpiece that encapsulates your vision while respecting your financial parameters.



4. Craftsmanship & Realization

A breathtaking design is merely a blueprint until it’s skillfully brought to life. Our team of expert masons, welders, carpenters, irrigators, and landscapers are the artisans who manifest your vision into reality. Paul maintains an active role in the construction process, he ensures that every detail of the approved design is impeccably executed. Rest assured that your project is in the hands of those who crafted its plan, guaranteeing that the physical space reflects the conceptualized design in all its glory.


5. Preservation & Continuity

What is a masterpiece if not meticulously maintained? To ensure that the value of your investment is preserved and flourishes over time, we offer professional maintenance services once the construction crew has gracefully exited your property. Our dedicated maintenance team provides a comprehensive program designed to keep your landscape in its pristine condition. Adaptable to your unique needs, this program can be tailored to provide the exact care your outdoor oasis deserves. A well-kept landscape is a lasting testament to the creative journey you embarked on with us.

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