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The embodiment of resilience, creativity, and innovation, Paul Busby, the founder of Busby Landscapes, stands as a testament to the transformative power of an unconventional journey. 

In 2001, he graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, armed with a Ph.D. in Psychology, a formidable understanding of the human psyche, and an ability to grasp the nuances of human behavior like few others. However, the academic world was merely a stepping stone towards a diverse and expansive professional journey.

Paul’s foray into the corporate world began with a creative stint at Perfect Agent. There, he spearheaded UI design, managed teams of software engineers and graphic designers, and developed a reputation for tackling complex problems with a mix of artistry and analytical prowess. Despite the eccentric leadership, Paul found his unique niche, imbuing technical design with his own brand of creative 'cool'.


Moving on to Skillsoft as a Project Director Manager, Paul navigated the waters of an online training company. While his customer service skills were exemplary, the corporate world left him craving something more grounded, more creative, and truly his own.


The Texan motto of "Go West" called out to Paul and offered the perfect backdrop for a drastic career pivot. With a deep breath and a leap of faith, he purchased a humble lawn mowing company, abandoning the ivory towers of corporate America in favor of green, open spaces.


Under Paul’s leadership, this lawn mowing company blossomed into Busby Landscapes LLC in 2005. Paul incorporated his academic background in psychology, his experience in creative design, and customer service expertise into transforming the business into a beacon of creative landscaping. Today, Paul Busby, finds joy in offering not just services, but immersive outdoor experiences that stir the soul, transforming ordinary spaces into verdant, breathtaking masterpieces.

Paul’s  journey from Tennessee to Texas, from Psychology graduate to landscaping entrepreneur, has been far from conventional. Yet, each twist and turn has added depth to his understanding of creativity, beauty, and the human connection to nature. These experiences continually inspire Paul to push the boundaries of what a landscape can be and how it can connect people to the natural world in profound, unexpected ways.

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